Comfortably Stylish Redland Bay Home - Ivy + Finch

A pastel family haven

Comfortably Stylish Redland Bay Home
A pastel family haven

A soft, cosy palette, bespoke touches and practical design has turned this new Redland Bay home into a comfortable family haven
Redland Bay Queensland
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Comfortably Stylish Redland Bay Home



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A soft, cosy, and comfortable family haven

Cosy, relaxed and inviting: that’s the brief homeowners Karla and Nicholas handed Bronwyn of Brisbane’s Ivy + Finch when it was time to design the interiors of their new Redland Bay abode. “It needed to suit their two young children as well,” says Bronwyn. “So, we’ve designed the interiors to reflect a contemporary but timeless style, creating a functional family home that they could live in without being too precious about things.”

The couple shares a love of pastel tones, which the designer used as the main colour palette throughout the interior design. But, the home presented one small stumbling block: a navy and grey kitchen which was to remain untouched – in direct opposition to the creamy, gelato hues of the pastel theme.

“We needed to incorporate the existing style of the kitchen into the new design so that it appeared part of the plan, rather than an afterthought,” explains Bronwyn. It was an easy workaround for this designer: “We introduced some navy and grey touches into the design so that it complemented and balanced the pastel palette.”

Ivy + Finch use many trade suppliers who offer the latest and best products to assist them in bringing their clients’ dreams to life. They also specialise in customising furniture to suit each of their design projects.

“In this home, we really put our bespoke design skills to good use, creating a custom-made walk-in wardrobe, which creates flow from the master bedroom to the bathroom,” says Bronwyn.

The overall design had to be family-friendly and, importantly, low maintenance for the couple. “We treated everything — and by everything, I really mean everything, right down to the lampshades! — with Premium Surface Protection, to give our clients peace of mind, knowing their home is protected from everyday dirt and stains,” says Bronwyn. “We believe that a home is for living in and should be used as such — we don’t design interiors for display purposes only!”

Bespoke Office Design

Ivy + Finch also designed and installed an office for Nicholas, who works from home full time. “The office is a fantastic workspace and maximises storage for a productive workflow. It turned out beautifully, and has gone from a dead area in the home to an extremely functional and unique space — one that adds value to this home, which is a nice bonus!” says Bronwyn.

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Customised Sofas

“We also customised two sofas, made in collaboration with UD Furniture. One is a sleeper couch for the kids’ play area, while the other is now the centrepiece to the comfortable lounge room setting, where accent pieces like the beautiful rug from Bayliss and artwork from Designer Boys create a tranquil feel and pull the whole room together.”