Interior Design Brisbane

Ivy + Finch: Making Interior Design in Brisbane Accessible for the Everyday Person 

Given the high cost of homeownership in Queensland, the added expense of interior design in Brisbane can seem inaccessible. At Ivy + Finch, we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful, functional home, regardless of how large or small their budget is. That’s why we specialise in creating homes for the everyday person. 

Common Mistakes People Make When Considering Home Interior Designers in Brisbane

One of the biggest misconceptions about home interior designers in Brisbane and elsewhere is that it is a niche service, available exclusively to a select few. Here are some debunked myths about interior design. 

  • The process of hiring an interior designer is daunting and overwhelming. It may seem difficult to choose whom to work with at first, among a deluge of Pinterest boards and Instagram profiles. Your best bet is to compare a few different interior designers and then to set up an initial consultation with a designer with an aesthetic that matches your personal taste. If functionality is important to you, work with someone with a portfolio that shows a merging of both the practical and aesthetic. 
  • You won’t have a say in the style of your home. Interior design is a collaborative process between the homeowner and designer, so you will have a say in every aspect of your home’s redesign. The specific advantage of working with an interior design company such as Ivy + Finch is that we know how to optimise your space effectively and that we have the industry contacts on hand to execute the shared vision of how your space will look. 
  • Interior design is expensive. Interior designers such as Ivy + Finch have access to many trade-only suppliers and offer you a percentage of our discount to ensure you are getting the best price possible. More often than not, these savings themselves cover your design fee and more. 

A good interior designer will get a sense of what you want during an initial consultation, before sending through plans for approval and then finally moving on to implementation. This communication will set your mind at ease that changes to your home will happen in a timeframe and budget with which you are comfortable. 

Tips for Hiring the Best Interior Designer in Brisbane 

To get the best out of your redecorating process, we recommend the following tips for working with an interior designer: 

  • Collect inspiration to share with your designer and decide which heirlooms and special pieces you want to be central to the design. 
  • Set your budget and discuss it with your interior designer upfront. 
  • Prepare for the work ahead. If you are going through remodelling, this can include construction for which you will have to plan. 

Why You Should Trust Ivy +Finch to Undertake Your Interior Design in Brisbane

We’re a husband and wife team with over ten years’ experience that can do anything from as little as styling to finishing off your space perfectly with a full decoration and design service. 

Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help your home meet your needs over a cup of tea.