How it Works - Ivy + Finch

Let’s Talk

At Ivy & Finch, we love getting to know our clients and what makes them tick.

It all starts with a cup of tea (or coffee) at an initial consultation and we get to know what you and your home are about.

A home should be a place that is functional without feeling precious about things, yet pleasing to the eye.

Let us make your house a home.

Initial Consultation – What’s that ?

At our initial consultation (which is $320 and can take between 1-3 hours) we will go through your home in detail to ensure it reflects you and your family once we are done.

Sometimes, the initial consultation involves us moving around your existing furniture to give you the best layout or use of space with what you have in the meantime. We like to be involved from the very start!

Design Process

We will advise you of a design fee, based on the scale of your project.

Once you accept, we get into it.

The fee involves us creating 3D scale floor plans, furniture layout, paint and design schedules, as well as mood boards curated just for you, as well as liaising with all of our trades (or yours) should the project require it.

Collaborative Thinking

We have access to many trade-only suppliers and offer you a percentage of our discount to ensure you are getting the best price possible.

More often than not, these savings themselves cover your design fee and more!

Once you have approved our concepts and signed off, over the coming weeks, we will implement these ideas and make the magic happen.

Your Home Transformed

Most of our clients love having a full “all at once” reveal. This means that we store everything on your behalf at no additional cost, and once we have received everything, we load our van and deliver and install it for you.

All is revealed a couple of hours later, and your house is now transformed into a beautiful home for you to enjoy!